Prediction from Facebook

Our peer-reviewed research has shown that You Are What You Like! Your favourite movies, music, books and more can reveal private attributes about you, such as your personality, intelligence or sexual orientation.

This tool uses the Pages you like on Facebook to predict your psycho-demographic profile. It will explain which aspects of your digital footprint contribute to the way that others see you and is based on opt-in psychological ground truth and social media profiles from over 6 million volunteers.

Predict my profile from Facebook

Prediction from text

If an image speaks 1000 words, what might 1000 words say about your psychological profile?

This tool uses open text data to predict the psycho-demographic attributes of whoever (or whatever) generated the words. It is based on opt-in psychological ground truth from 69,000 volunteers (on 100- and 336-item personality tests) and 14 million of their status updates. The current model contains over 53,000 predictive words and phrases.

Predict profile from text