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This tool lets you discover which aspects of your digital footprint contribute to the way that others see you online. It is based on opt-in psychological ground truth and social media profiles from over 6 million volunteers. Our peer-reviewed research using this data has shown that your behaviour and use of language online can reveal your psychological profile, including your personality, intelligence and much more.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter data using the log in buttons below to discover what your data says about you. The tool uses your Page Likes, Posts and Tweets to give you instant insights on your own data. We will never post on your wall and the results of your prediction will not be stored.

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User-provided text

If an image speaks 1000 words, what might 1000 words say about your psychological profile?

If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, this tool lets you input any text and receive a prediction of its author’s psycho-demographic profile.

It is based on opt-in psychological data from 69,000 volunteers (on 100- and 336-item personality tests) and 14 million of their status updates. The current model contains over 53,000 predictive words and phrases.

Write or paste some text in the box below to obtain a prediction. There is no minimum word count, but at least 200 words is preferable. Please also tag the source of the text you are submitting using the selection box provided below.