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Meet The Team


Vesselin Popov, Executive Director, University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre

Drawing of Vesselin Popov

Vess enables innovative applications of our API for business and beyond. He sets the strategic tone, coordinates the wider team and works on the front line to deliver cutting-edge psychological prediction to citizens.


Dr Michal Kosinski, Assistant Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Drawing of Dr Michal Kosinski

Michal develops the models that drive our powerful prediction engine. He combines psychometric expertise with machine learning wizardry to put the magic in Apply Magic Sauce.

Dr David Stillwell, Lecturer, University of Cambridge Judge Business School

Drawing of Dr David Stillwell

David collected the psychological and social media data that underpins our API and supports our global research community. Contact him with proposals for academic collaboration.


Bartosz Kielczewski, Chief Software Engineer, University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre

Drawing of Bartosz Kielczewski

Bartek maintains our technical infrastructure and is in charge of model deployment. His vast experience ensures our Big Data solutions remain reliable, scalable and efficient.