Facebook and Twitter Prediction

This tool predicts your psycho-demographic profile from digital footprints of your behaviour. It reveals how you might be perceived by others online and provides detailed insights on your personality, intelligence, life satisfaction and more.

Predictions are based on opt-in psychological ground truth from over 6 million volunteers, and our data has been used in over 45 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter profiles using the log in buttons below to discover what your data says about you. Your use of this demo is anonymous, we will never post on your wall and the results of your prediction will not be stored. We hope you enjoy it!

Facebook Psychology

Facebook Connect is temporarily unavailable. We hope, as it's beyond our control, that it will be back soon, so you too can know what your likes and posts say about you.

Twitter Psychology

Discover what your Tweets say about you

Once you have logged in to Facebook and/or Twitter, click below to see your profile.

Open Text Prediction

If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can also input some text in the box below to predict the psycho-demographic profile of its author. There is no minimum word count, but at least 200 words is preferable. Please also tag the source of the text you are submitting.

This tool uses opt-in psychological data from 69,000 volunteers (on 100- and 336-item personality tests) and 14 million status updates. The current model contains over 53,000 predictive words and phrases.


Artificial intelligence and passive trait measurement tools are becoming ever more widespread and commercially accessible, which can introduce certain risks to the quality and interpretability of assessments. We believe that the evaluation of predictive tools, such as our API, should remain grounded in psychometric best practices. That is why we publish our results in journals and calibrate our models against scientifically valid tests, many of which have been developed in-house or used by psychologists for decades.

If the predictive demos above are not your thing, or you would like to compare your online personas to a self-report measure, then head over to DiscoverMyProfile to explore 40+ questionnaires with free, instant feedback.