Terms and Conditions for Commercial Use

By signing up, you take a licence from Apply Magic Sauce ["Us", "We"] to use the resources made available on www.applymagicsauce.com ["PredictionAPI”, “the service”] subject to the following terms and conditions:

Non-Exclusive Commercial Licence

  1. These terms presuppose that you have a valid and executed commercial agreement in place with researchers at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre by virtue of which you are granted the right to access Apply Magic Sauce for commercial purposes
  2. Your right to use the service is non-exclusive and in no way entitles you or your agents to prevent others from doing so or to engage in any uncompetitive behaviour that may interfere with our sole discretion as to whom may access the service for any purpose and for any length of time
  3. Without such an agreement, you may only use PredictionAPI for non-profit academic research that has no connection whatsoever to any commercial or profit-making purpose or entity
  4. In the event of any uncertainty as to the extent of the licence granted, these terms and conditions shall take precedence over the interpretation of any other commercial agreement relating to commercial access to Apply Magic Sauce

Service level ability

  1. We guarantee service level ability at the following level to users with a valid and executed commercial agreement entitling them to access the service: the API will return a JSON response within 2 seconds 90% of the time for API REST calls for an average user having at least 150 matched likes in our database under normal use of the service
  2. Normal use of the service shall mean use at a rate and volume that is reasonably foreseeable to Us having regard to two major factors:
    1. your prior usage as observed over a 3-month period (not including academic or trial usage outside of a commercial agreement), and
    2. the extent of our actual knowledge about the scale at and purposes for which you intend to use the service, which it is your responsibly to disclose to Us prior to using the service in connection with any commercial or profit-making purpose or entity
  3. The default limit on the number of calls you can make to the API as a commercial user is 1,000 per month for API REST calls. This limit may be increased by agreement with us, most likely in exchange for additional research funding and/or additional data about the users whose digital footprints you submit to the service

Data Authenticity

  1. In using the service, you warrant that you have obtained the digital footprints that you send to us with the permission of the individuals concerned and that you have complied with any and all privacy or application development policies applicable to the relevant platform that you used to collect the data
  2. In particular, if you send Facebook LikeIDs to the service, you must also send real Facebook UserIDs that these Likes correspond to. This is in order for us to verify that you have user consent as stated, to protect against spamming that may disrupt your and others’ use of the service API and for ethical compliance purposes

Intellectual Property

  1. By sending data to the service, you consent to our storing and using that data for any academic and business purposes, including in analyses, predictions, publications and otherwise at our discretion in improving the services offered to you and to other customers
  2. Data, results and outputs of www.applymagicsauce.com and PredictionAPI, its source code, algorithms, processes, appearances, interfaces and instances are the sole property of Apply Magic Sauce
  3. You shall therefore use PredictionAPI only as supplied on our servers and shall not attempt to adapt, hack, reverse-engineer, data-mine or copy any aspect of it in a way that recreates any of its functions or results


  1. All uses of PredictionAPI, including but not limited to research papers, at conferences, on websites, and in press releases, should include prominent acknowledgement that Apply Magic Sauce is the data source
  2. You agree to acknowledge Apply Magic Sauce in a way that does not mislead others by implying that we endorse the research in question. It should be clear that Apply Magic Sauce is an external data supplier
  3. Insights obtained from using the service may be made public with credit as follows: “Psycho-demographic predictions by Apply Magic Sauce (www.applymagisauce.com)”

Ethical Clearance

  1. You shall ensure that your use of PredictionAPI meets the highest ethical standards for research as understood by the wider academic community
  2. In particular, you agree to abide by the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and to obtain, where necessary, full ethical clearance from the relevant official body prior to embarking upon any research project that involves the use of PredictionAPI
  3. You may not assume that the fact that PredictionAPI is available online through Apply Magic Sauce means that your use of the service automatically meets the required ethical standards

Data Protection

  1. You hereby warrant that you will use PredictionAPI in a manner consistent with applicable Privacy and Data Protection laws in the UK and in your countries of residence or business
  2. Any personal information you submit to us in order to sign up to or use Apply Magic Sauce is strictly confidential and shall not be revealed by Us to any Third Party. We shall never pass your details to an external third party for marketing purposes


  1. We hereby disclaim all warranties, including but not limited to those relating to the suitability for research or publication of data or predictions obtained using Prediction API
  2. You assume sole legal and commercial responsibility for any outputs you obtain by using our service