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Reverse the information monopoly

The Psychometrics Centre specialises in advanced methods of psychological assessment and the investigation of online behaviour. Traditionally, accurate testing tools were the preserve of major test publishers, large corporations and expensive training programmes. Apply Magic Sauce places that technology in your hands. So use it! Learn as much as you can by taking our tests, building your own applications and telling us what else we should be predicting!

Be more than a number

Demand more for your data

You can realise the value of your personal data by insisting on a fair exchange of information for service, rather than consent by implication and intrusive yet inaccurate advertising. We want businesses to use Apply Magic Sauce because it gives you the chance to find out about your digital self at the same time that they do. Test yourself, demand personalisation and make it commercially impossible for data giants to operate without first earning your trust and sharing what they know about you

Support academic research

Transparent, ethical and effective use of your data

We publish anonymised samples of our data online to promote cutting-edge research into online behaviour and develop a hub for global academic collaboration. We currently have registered collaborators from 80 academic institutions worldwide, resulting in over 30 scientific publications in leading scientific journals since 2011. Read more at

Our research has proven that clicking a link or sharing a photo can also mean sharing your most private and intimate desires with the world. Seemingly innocuous online behaviour therefore contains a wealth of personal information, representing an enormous opportunity for companies to profile and target individuals however they like. However, this information should be available to researchers before it hits the market, so it can be properly analysed and anonymised before producing results that can improve our lives and our experience of online services.

Support our efforts by opting in to submit your data anonymously for research by the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and our community of collaborators. Just make sure you take our tests and get some feedback on your data first – we don’t believe in getting something for nothing.

Keep your data safe

Recognise the value of your digital footprint

Fundamentally, services don’t need to know your name if they know how to recommend the right product to a hypothetical person with your psycho-demographic profile. Regular individuals have been left behind in the mad rush for Big Data and it is abundantly clear that the current system is too unequal to last. But digital withdrawal is neither an option nor a solution.

We urge you to stay safe online and appreciate how much you are sharing with the world by taking our tests, supporting high-quality academic research and thinking twice before sharing raw personal data with organisations that have not earned
your trust