Interpretations are additional traits derived from prediction results regardless of the prediction method used. They can appear alongside prediction results when requested.

From personality

These are available when prediction was made about personality (BIG5)

Trait ID Description
  • Leadership

Prediction is based on the Psychometrics Centre’s multidimensional study of 2,019 entrepreneurs and employees from the technology, retail and finance sectors around the world.

Leadership potential is a compound of the BIG5 personality traits exhibited by business owners, as distinguished from employees.

  • Jungian

Jungian type is mapped from BIG5 personality based on the univariate correlations reported in McCrae, R. & Costa, P. (1989).


  1. McCrae, R. & Costa, P. (1989). Reinterpretting the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator from the perspective of the five-factor model of personality. Journal of Personality 57